Building A Magical Fairy Garden for Your Home

If you’re young at heart and love a little whimsy, you might consider making your very own fairy garden! 

Growing up in Britain in my early years, fairy gardens were something seen in almost every garden, it was not only a childs pleasure, but many adults are obsessed with them as well. They are relaxing, and interesting, and a great way for kids and families to create a project together, not to mention, helping you use up some of those broken pots, nik naks, and other objects taking up space in your house or yard.

If you don't have materials to recycle, or simply are not handy at making things, you can find many of the mini accessories sold in nearly any discount store and garden center, but some of my favorites have been found at the Dollar Store, or the Dollar Tree!.

It's really easy (and affordable) to find materials to create a project, you just need is the plants to get you started. If you need some fresh inspiration I have put together some magical fairy garden ideas to inspire you! 

I also have a beautiful and helpful garden planner you can purchase to keep you inspired and keep notes on the gardens needs and progress. You will find a link to that lower in this post!

Flower Pot Cottage 
By cutting into a traditional flower pot, you can set the scene for an adorable fairy garden that travels downhill!

Birdbath Fairy Garden
Birdbaths are a fantastic place to put a fairy garden together! It’s got it’s own prominent place in your garden and is easy to maintain!

Tree Stump Fairy Garden
You can put your fairy garden directly in nature! If you have an ugly tree stump in your yard, consider turning it into something magical!

Basket Fairy Garden 
You can use a wicker basket to create your fairy garden this year! You can even make them to give as unique gifts for Easter!

Fairy Shoe 
How romantic and elegant is this?! You can use an unwanted pair of shoes or thrift for a set! You can have a matching set or gift one to a friend!

Dreamy Night Lights
This adorable scene is beautiful during the day, but it really shines at night! By using fairy lights, the fairy garden is strategically lit to highlight the dreamy violet flowers!
Tea Cup Fairy Garden
Tea cups can make the perfect home for your fairy garden! All you need is a little bit of creativity!

Fairy House
You can dress up an old birdhouse to make your very own fairy house for your fairy garden scene!

Upcycled Grill Fairy Garden 
If you have a small, standing grill that is broken, you can upcycle it into a fairy garden!

Barrel Fairy Garden 
If you have an extra barrel laying around, you can turn it into a luxury fairy property! Set the scene however you want!

Vintage Furniture Fairy Village 
If you really want to set the scene, you can upcycle fabulous, vintage furniture for your entire fairy village!

Aquarium Fairy Garden
If you have or come across an old aquarium, you can use it to create a seriously impressive under water themed garden! Why not give it a try?!

Split Level Apartments
By using a broken pot, you can use the pieces to help carve out levels and ledges that give you more space to insert different plants or accessories for your fairy garden!

Wagon Fairy Garden 
Upcycle a pull-along wagon to create an adorable and movable fairy garden scene!

Fairy Fountain 
Re-use a small fountain to creates a lovely fairy scene in your yard!

Fish Bowl Fairy Garden
This is a lovely and simple fairy garden that you can make with your kiddos!

Upcycled Chair 
Do you have an old outdoor chair lying around? Consider using it to create a fairy garden! I love the use of dinosaurs in this DIY! It’s proof that you can get creative!

Fairy Garden Wreath
It doesn’t get cuter than this! Use an old tire to create a hanging fairy garden with greenery spilling out!

Fairy Garden Table 
Think of rhe possibilites, you can repurpose odl tables with an entire fairy garden scene for the yard, or home if you have the room.

Terrarium Fairy Jar 
You can create an adorable DIY terrarium fairy jar using Dollar Store and upcycled items!

Window Sill Fairy Garden
Make the most of this sweet, sunny space by placing a fairy garden on your window sill!

Bonsai Garden
You can use the space around a bonsai tree to create a lovely scene in your home!

Lantern Fairy Garden 
Create a truly beautiful addition to your patio with this fairy garden lantern! Use it as table d├ęcor or hang it!

Hanging Fairy Garden 
You can even hang your fairy garden! Having several of these throughout your garden at different heights seems like an adorable way to create additional depth and dimension!

Fairy Portal 
Use an old tire to add height and excitement to your fairy garden!
Wheelbarrow Garden 
Use a vintage wheelbarrow to create a beautiful, outdoor scene!

Galvanized Metal Bucket 
Give an old bucket new life by turning it into an adorable fairy garden for your porch or patio!

Bathroom Sink
A dated bathroom sink might not seem appealing in your home, but in your garden it can be completely charming! Give it a try!

Wooden Planter Fairy Garden 
Give your fairy garden its very own planter!

Tool Box or Old Crate
Whether it’s shiny or rusted, a tool box can make a great place to make a garden and give a fun vintage feel! Just make sure to add drainage, especially if you’re going to make it a home or succulents!
As you can see, there are countless ideas in the making of this whimsical wonderful project. I would love to hear any of your ideas as well, you can post them in the comments. 
I would also love to see any pics of your gardens. 

If you need more inspiration, you can find my FAIRY GARDEN PLANNER below.


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