Eat More Avacados For Your Health

Eat More Avacados!

Want to eat more avocados but don't like the taste? I have two tips on ways that you can get more avocados into your diet even if you don't like them:

  • Use them in smoothies! Avocados are the trick to getting a creamy smoothie. You cannot taste it, so don't worry about that.
  • Mash an avocado to a creamy consistency and mix it in with mayonnaise whenever you use a recipe that requires mayonnaise. The avocado is so creamy and isn't overpowering, it will only improve your recipe! I do this when I put mayo on my sandwiches.
Avacados are one of the most healthy foods you can feed you body.  It may even be suffice to say, it is The most healthy food, so don't deprive your body mind and soul of this fantastic fruit, grab some from the grocery as soon as you see them!

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